Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Can I JUST Be Left Alone????

So there I was, watching Lost on MY OWN DAMN BUSINESS, when yeah, you guessed it...Belly decides it's time to call my name 57 times.

The show was getting to the good part where the black powder monster thing is chasing these two broads through the woods - and I was all into it

at lunch

with my headphones on

technically "busy"

and I could sort of hear him saying: "Hey"..."hey...hey"...

I, of course acted like I didn't hear him - then he BELLOWS all loud and shit: "LINKA!!!!!!!!!" (At least 20 people turned to look)
My immediate and unexpected reaction was to yell back "WHAT!!!???" just as loud..that jackass scared me...crazy bitch-bastard.

Then he has the nerve to ask (after ALL that) Uh, did you finish your employee survey?


I told him no, gave him a shitty look and promptly turned my attention to Lost.....What a freaking weirdo. He just stood there looking all sheepish and dumb with his jello belly and beady, bugged out eyes.

What in the blue hell is wrong with this man???

1 comment:

A Margarita said...

I think he likes you. These are ploys six-year old boys use to get attention on the payground.