Thursday, March 08, 2007

Wine Is Fun

I helped a friend by volunteering at a Wine Tasting that benefitted her local theater last night.

OH. The. Hilarity.

The event was at the Magnolia Thomas Restaurant.
First off, as soon as we walked in, the event director was offering us glasses of wine - she had already had TWO herself..this was going to be fun.

On my table I had a Pinot Noir (yeck), a Pinot Grigio(yum), a Zinfandel(more yeck), a Cabernet Sauvignon(good lord, I'm drunk), a Shiraz (eh) and a Piesporter(mmm, tastes like white grape juice but kicks like tequila).

I love how older, seemingly sophisticated people get rowdy when they drink wine.
I was pouring a glass of wine for a cute little old guy and when I felt like the glass was full enough, he gave me a look that said: "Look Bitch, keep pourin' "...dang, Cletus.
There was the cutest little old lady in the corner, she had on a fur stole that I'm SURE she got in the late 1800's. She could drink your ass under the table though.

BY the end of the event, I had a good buzz going. I decided to eat more food than I'm sure I was supposed to. I thought it would soak up the wine....famous last words.....

This place was AT LEAST an hour from where I work and live, meaning it was in the middle of damn nowhere. On the way home, I found it neccesary to KNOCK THE SHIT out a median at an EXTREMELY dark "country" stop light/intersection...oops

Luckily, my car, "Big Black" was able to take the abuse, as he always does..poor car

But even after ALL THAT, I still had my ass in bed before 11 pm - Take that TOH!!

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