Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Food Day Hell

So we're celebrating March birthdays and anniversaries today.

That means FOOD DAY...

That means Belly will be COMPLETELY out of control....

Oh Wait!! He claims to be on a DIET... Yeah, whateva

So here's what has happened so far:

Co-worker: I need to plug this crock pot in somewhere near the food table (which is in the middle of the aisle, not near a plug)
Me: Hmm...there's a plug over there in that EMPTY cubicle
Co-Worker: Cool, I'll take it...
Belly: LINKA!! LINKA!!! Tell her I had a LONG cord over here in MY cube
Co-Worker: (Startled by Belly as usual), that's OK. I can put it over th...
Belly: NO REALLY, Put it in MY cube!!! Here!! Here!!


So the co-worker finally breaks down and moves the crock pot into Belly's cubicle. Every few minutes the poor girl had to go over and stir the dip - Belly conveniently had it close to him so that she would "have to" snug up against him to stir...eww, fuckin' eww

She finally had enough and decided to move it sad

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