Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stay Your Ass At Home!!

Red Light Violation Ticket - $75

Boot On BOTH Front Tires - $100

Realizing you should have listened to your girlfriend - PRICELESS

TOH is coming to the realization that partying at his age is starting to "cost him".

A couple of weeks ago, he decided it would be a good idea to come home at 6:00 AM!!!! Yeah, you got it, he didn't sleep in "our" bedroom for a few days. I made him sleep in the "guest room" aka the room where shoes, clothes and various wicker baskets go to die. I figured that since he was treating me like I was his room mate, we would LITERALLY become room mates, needless to say, he was extra pissed.
A week later, a letter came in the mail from the police department.
Apparently, during this little excursion of his, he ran a red light...at an intersection WITH CAMERAS!!!...stupid.

Then yesterday he informs me that while he was out with the same dummies from the "red light incident", his car was booted outside the shitty sportsbar they frequent...ha ha
He was mad because his friends wouldn't help him pay the boot guy, now all his money for the week is gone...serves him right.

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