Thursday, March 29, 2007

Feeling Better..Sort Of

Well the air is finally fixed in the it's TOO cold..

see, a bitch is never satisfied

Anyway, me and TOH tried to jump start the luck..I'm pretty sure we were doing something wrong, but you can't tell a man, at least MY man, a damn thing...

another day of bumming rides with co-workers..(thank god Belly didn't offer to pick me up..whew!!)

The next day I took it upon myself to take the battery out. Yaay, Me.

What the hell was I thinking??? It took an HOUR to get it out...the brilliant minds at GM thought it would be a great idea to hide it under 6 million engine components including, but not limited to, the engine cross-brace, the washer fluid reservoir, the fuse relay box AND a battery anchor from hell.

I took it Autozone because I swore that I bought it there....of course once I got there, they informed me that I actually bought it at Advance Auto..ooops, my bad.

Sensing my embarrassment, the cute little guy at Autozone offered to test it and charge it for free. I had to leave it overnight, and I finally got it back yesterday.

Woo hoo..more mechanicing (a word??). The Other Half has taken to calling me "Shadetree" as in shadetree mechanic..he thinks he's cute.

We finally got the bastard back in the engine and voila, "Big Black" is up and running again. we drove STRAIGHT to the car wash..pollen is really bad here and the car had been sitting for almost 4 days..yeck.

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