Saturday, January 26, 2008

If You Are Spelling It LaBtop..You Are Stupid

I was reviewing a call entered by one of of temps..(we'll call her Dufus for the purpose of this entry) typed a description similar to: Labtop running slowly. I figured that surely this is just a typo but then I remembered hearing a rumor that during training, Dufus was extremely defiant and resistant with the "seasoned employees" that were trying to help her acclimate..and that she used the word Labtop ALL THE TIME....Dufus, strangely, is a know-it-all...hmm

I then (because I'm a mean bitch) took the time to search our call database for any time that she had used the word labtop..and to my surprise, she so far has only typed it in the main description 15 times since last August (searching further would have taken longer and I was tired and hungry).
The sad part was that OTHER people in this company use that word in the main description of calls too..242 fucking times so far..this year...these people CAN'T be serious!!!

Is it that hard to learn a new word?? That is about as dumb as someone who says:

French Benefits instead of Fringe Benefits
Pacific instead of Specific
Effected instead of Affected

I could go on, but like I said, I'm tired and hungry....


Jessie said...

The people at Radioshack call them labtops too. I couldnt fucking believe it.

Linka72 said...

jessie..I have just pissed myself..thanks!!

Christine said...

I suck at spelling, but I do NOT get when people confuse "than" and "then." They are totally different words!

Some people are stuBid.