Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome To Traffic Court..The Third Rung Of Hell

Traffic Court can suck it....

A couple of months ago, I got a ticket for Improper Lane Change..WTF is that?? I STILL don't know because the cop never explained it..I was trying to get to a really inconvenient meeting for my part-time job...on a 6:30pm...bastards...when the next thing I know, I see the "blue lights".
Great, now what? The cop walked up to the car and says: Where ya tryin' to get to?
I told her about the meeting and she just nods and takes my license back to her car..after checking me out for warrants and such she comes back with that damned metal box ticketety thing...shit...she said some shit about me changing lanes a lot (not that I didn't signal, or that I was being reckless, just that I was changing a lot) and that since she couldn't get me for speeding, that she would get me for Improper Lane Change....huh?
I asked her if this was going to be expensive and she claimed to "not know" but that she was sure that it was one of the "lesser ones"..whatever, broad.
If you know the part of town she caught me in, you know that it is filled to the fucking brim with bad drivers, mostly people who haven't driven in this country before, if ya know what I mean. It's ABSOLUTELY NECCESARY to change lanes going through there to avoid "bullshit and foolishness" unless you like having a wrecked car!!!!

So anyway, after checking on the ticket via the automated system for 2 FUCKING MONTHS, it finally registered (3 days before my court date) and the computer voice kindly informed me that the fine would be $136.00...uh, what? I nearly shit myself.

For some reason, I decided that going to Traffic Court (Otherwise known as Recorders Court)would be some sort of good idea..I was wrong thankyouverymuch.
I, of course could not find a parking space, 'cuz that would be great, so I "made" a parking space in this weird half mud/half gravel lot. Then when I walked up to the place it looked light a nightclub..there was actually a line to get in..almost wrapping around the buliding..what kind of fresh bullshit is this??
Oh great, metal detectors..the poor guy in front of me got screamed at for holding up the line and had his little bowl snatched up..the deputies here are fucking miserable..after sitting in a room full of stink for 10 minutes, I realized that I was in the wrong damn room..fucking I skulked into the right room and sat there for an hour, I then began to worry about not being able to pay my fine that day. It seems that every "deal" the judge was offering the crowd, didn't quite fit my situation..towards the end I just plead Not Guilty to buy more time. When I walked up to the solicitor/clerk/bitch and asked her if I could possibly speak to the judge, she SCREAMED at me: "NO!!".....uh, what bitch?
I was so surprised by this that I just stuttered "excuse me?"
solicitor/clerk/bitch: I said you can talk to the judge when it's your court date
me: uh..ok
I was so fucking embarassed..I should have slapped her...but then the bailiff would have had to shoot me..more problems.

So really long story short, I have to wait for a mailing to tell me when my next court date is..that's when the cop gets to show up and make me look stupid..yay me.

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That is such total bullshit...I did not know they could ticket for that...where in the rule books does it say you can be ticketed for such? Wow...hope you win it girl!