Friday, January 25, 2008

Because We're Stupid, That's Why

We moved into the new condo in October and since November we've noticed that our master bedroom is about 15 degrees colder or hotter than the rest of the place...we racked our little brains trying to figure it out (maybe the vents are blocked..etc, etc..) but by the time it was REALLY winter-time, we ended up either:

1. Sleeping with a space heater in the room (a really bright and loud one thankyouverymuch)
2. Sleeping in the guest room 4 times a week(on a hateful, nearly twin size bed that the devil stores his pitch forks in and who's sheets don't quite fit so I've had to use those bullshit garter belt things, I nearly lost an eye last week when one popped off)
3. Cranking up the heat (Gas bill approx 7 million dollars)

The other day, I was fishing behind my nightstand for a cup (don't ask) when I noticed a slight breeze coming from the window sill..hmm.."this place sure is drafty", I said..then I pulled up the wooden blinds and noticed that....THE WINDOW WAS OPEN ABOUT A 1/2 OF AN INCH!!! What in the blue fuck??...sadly, the window on TOH's side was the same could we have gone 4 months without noticing that?? (Please see the title of this post for an explanation)

I then vaguely remembered that when we were touring rental properties in September, this one's power was off and that the WINDOWS WERE OPEN for the time we moved in, someone had "closed" the windows but hadn't quite "locked" them.

Well, because I am Barbara Vila, I locked the windows, thus blocking out the cold air..Tah fucking more cold master bedroom...yes, I went to college for 4 whole months!!

I told TOH what I did and then we took a tour of the now warm bedroom..He looks over at me and says: "We're kinda stupid huh?"

Yes, TOH..we sure are.

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