Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So Embarrassed...Look, I Have A New Son

Wonder why I've been depressed???

Well, last week, TOH said that our neighbor from downstairs stopped him and gave him a mechanic's business card since she'd seen me working on my car in the parking lot. The problem is...she said: "Tell your mom that he's a really reasonable..blah blah blah"

Tell. Your. MOM.

What the fuck??? Granted, the 2 times that she has actually seen me, I WAS looking pretty makeup, sweat pants and all..but do I really look like a grown fucking man's MOTHER???

I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and think that maybe it's because TOH dresses a little "young".. he jeans are a little baggy..nothing like this... but baggy still..maybe it's the boots..or the baseball caps (NOT turned the back..thank god)...he DOES have a diamond stud earring and a puffy Sean John vest..yeah, maybe that's it...

But I just couldn't get over it...I must look like an old hag if she thinks he's my son..yeck

Then if that wasn't bad enough, I saw her yesterday..on my day off..early in the morning after dropping TOH off at work...again, no my in all directions and an old, crappy coat (SHIT!!). I tried to duck in the doorway and act like I didn't see her but I made the mistake of making eye contact (DOUBLE SHIT!!)
She says:
Neighbor Lady: Good morning!!! Did your son give you that business card??
Me: (Fuckety fuck) Uh..huh..wha?
Neighbor Lady: The card..for the mechanic
Me: oh...yea, I got it..thanks
At this point she starts going on and on about the mechanic and how great he is..whatever...I'm standing there all mad at myself, number one, for not correcting her and number two, still feeling depressed about "looking" that old to someone.

I guess I didn't want to embarrass her...I am SO damned stupid sometimes.

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