Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year????

Back to work..yay..whatever.

I had my family over for New Year's Eve, New Year's Day..and the next day...needless to say, I'm one tired bitch.

It was mostly a blur but I do remember being pissed at TOH for most of it...not exactly sure why..maybe it was the fact that he went out on New fuckin' Year's Eve with one of his buddies while we had a house full of people..huh?
He claimed that he'd informed of this little tidbit DAYS ago and that somehow, I had agreed to it..bullshit
I freaked out and told him as such and he just stood there and looked at me like I was usual.
He went out anyway and I drank a lot of frozen margaritas with my mom. I'm not sure when he got home (didn't care at that point) but I had a hangover the next morning so that definitely did not help my attitude.

Before I could make breakfast for the horde, I had to keep myself from choking TOH because before he went to bed, he decided to put about 5000 pounds of pork on "foil lined" cookie sheets to cook overnight..

pork + really shallow cookie sheets = greasy fucking mess all over the oven

He thought that wiping down the oven DOOR would make it all better...he neglected to notice the 4 inches of pork grease on the oven floor....note to self: smoke alarms are noisy and my husband seems to be on crack.

mmm..pork smoked tasty

Why is it that when you provide your family members with perfectly good, sturdy, clear plastic-ware and nice paper Chinet plates, you STILL end up running three full dishwasher loads of silverware and stoneware plates???


anywhoooo..somehow, last night I pulled a groin muscle while sleeping..maybe TOH was trying to "get some" overnight and I locked my crotch area down subconsciously..I'm finding it hard to walk...people are making jokes about how I " must have had a GREAT weekend"....let's kill them.

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Oh, girl....I sympathize with you....I too pulled my groin muscle....dancing, on a night out with my hubby....hurts like hell....Hope it gets better's been a week, and mine is still sore...Happy New Year!