Tuesday, February 13, 2007


No, I didn't give birth to anyone but it sure feels like I did.

My pregnant friend with the hollow leg who could be a championship eater FINALLY gave birth this weekend.

Friday afternoon her husband called and told me that they were leaving to go to the hospital..woo hoo, I thought, the baby should be here any time now. I made plans to go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY after work to see the birth of my "niece".
My co-worker who was in labor for 36 FUCKING HOURS told me to, in so many words, pump my brakes because it would be hours yet...whatever lady.

I went home and promptly fell asleep..'cause I'm a horrible auntie. I woke up around 10 pm and went to the hospital.... NO BABY YET.

I stayed until 2 am...NO BABY YET.

I went home, slept till 9 am, missed my water aerobics class 'cause I'm stupid (thought it started at 10), went to Joann's, came home, called the hospital and her husband told me that they had just broken her water and given her an epidural...I'm thinking: WOO HOO, BABY IN A MINUTE!!
I went to my part time job at around 2:30, called the hospital...NO BABY YET.
I goofed off , I mean worked hard for the next 4 hours.
I called the hospital AGAIN and her mother picks up the phone and screams: CAN'T TALK!! SHE'S TRYIN' TO PUSH!!!...*click*

Jees..finally!!! By the time I got there, miss thang had JUST popped out..The Other Half was already there..looking all scared and shit as if he'd been in the delivery room or something.
We tried to get him to hold the baby but he wouldn't..he said she was "too fragile"..sissy..hahaha

Anywhooo..Her name is Jillian and she's fabulous..in an alien, old man kinda way.

I'm sure all that'll pass in a week or two...won't it?

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