Monday, February 26, 2007

We Are SO Damn Exciting...Yoga Hurts

Happy Monday...yeah right, that sounds like some dumb shit Belly would say as he bounded his fat ass down the cubicle row.

On Friday I visited my dealer, I mean Whole Foods, with a co-worker. We had some of the best calamari known to man at the Seafood Bar. We got the squid from the seafood dept. (LOVE THAT!!). My co-worker told the guy we wanted two pounds of squid rings but as he started scooping, we realized that we were fat pigs and decided on a pound and a half...cooked up, we were STILL fat pigs...damn, calamari goes a long way.
Anywhoo, the chef dude made a pesto parmesan sauce that I would kill my mom for and I seriously considered eating the entire plate, until that is, my stomach nearly exploded.

mmmm, good times....

We had company over later on that night..I hate company on Friday nights...add to it that TOH kind of "sprung" them on me...damn it boy, our house is messy!!!! I'd much rather have company over on Saturday when I'd have time to clean but oh well.
After cramming shit into every nook and cranny of our apartment, I "graciously" greeted TOH's work friend who brought his girlfriend - sure wish I knew her name - hell, I've met her at least 3 times and have no fucking clue what to call her..I called her sweetheart for most of the evening, I suspect she doesn't know what the hell my name is either..oh well.
I made my signature frozen drink called Pink Panties, recipes as follows:

Frozen Minute Maid Pink Lemonade (On sale for .99 cents a can at Publix)
Pineapple Rum
Vanilla Vodka
And whatever other cheap ass liquor you can find
Blend and serve in red plastic cups or maybe your nice Margarita glasses depending on the caliber of company you have over.

Saturday I forced TOH to go to the gym..oh the whining and crying...
I went to water aerobics again, that was fun. We did yoga this time. Sadly, in the water and out, I'm still a clumsy ass. This pose (Dandayamana-Dhanurasana) was an ass-kicker. So was this one (Trikanasana).
At the end, we all said "Namaste Muthafuckas"...ok, the MF part was mine but I myself...

Why is it that after I leave the gym, I feel like I can eat an entire cow??? In my attempt to be all healthy and shit, I ate a large bowl of chili
with cheese
and 36 oyster crackers

What??? It was on a diet I saw online somewhere..I think...probably the same "diet" that Belly is on.

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