Friday, February 16, 2007

My Valentine's Evening - Shut Up, I KNOW It's Late

On Wednesday TOH brought home some lovely ribeyes..from Publix.... NOT Whole Foods like we had last week when we somehow thought we were ballin' completely out of control.
Are you aware that EVERYTHING in that store costs $732?? Except the Blue Corn Chips that I love so much, they are a very paltry $1.50 and I can eat the whole bag if need be.

Anyway, on V-Day, TOH "The Steak Master", gets the cast iron skillet out..yeah, oh shit...and heats it up. I'm not sure if you're aware but black cast iron gets really fucking hot, really fucking quick. While he was marinating the steaks, I quietly opened every window in site and turned on fans across the land......
Next thing I knew, there was smoke BILLOWING from underneath the kitchen door and I heard coughing. I cracked the door to check on him and he yells out: Everything's under control!!

uh, OK

A few minutes and lots more smoke later, dinner was ready. Ribeye steaks and shrimp with just a little "Cajun" char but it was all quite yummy. I put some baked potatoes on earlier and when I went into the kitchen to get them, the floor was slicker than duck shit from all the grease he was spewing but I pretended not to notice..cuz I love him..and he's a great guy..most of the time.

We drank some sort of cheap wine that I found at the grocery store called Little Penguin White Shiraz.
1 glass in and I was drunk as shit..nope, TOH did NOT find this to be the right time to take advantage of me..dang it!!

We both fell asleep watching Law and Order because apparently, we're both 87 years old.

Are we NOT the hippest, sexiest people on the earth????? You are SO jealous!!!


MamaKBear said...


Why is it when a man is in the kitchen cooking, he makes a royal mess of the place and doesn't seem to notice?? Mine has done the grease-all-over-the-floor thing too, plus flour and whatever else all over the countertops!

At least the steaks and stuff turned out yummy, despite all the smoke! Points for you for thinking ahead, btw, and opening the windows and such!

Sounds like a pretty good V-day to me!

Oh...I didn't get any that night either...Aunt Flo decided to come visit that day of all days. AND it was my anniversary! Bah.

Sunrunner said...

This is cracking me up! Nearly the entire famn damily was sick on Valentines, so we made buffalo burgers and laid around and watched tv. We're real exciting too...