Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What The...??

The Other Half chastised me last night for "hating on" Belly for getting a sportbike....whateva asshat.

It was just two minutes ago that you basically (thank god) banned him from calling the you're homies????

TOH also THINKS he's getting a motorcycle sometime soon..I think not...Unless, of course, I can have one too.

Today my cube mate was attempting to be "politically correct" by stating that Belly didn't have the "proper anatomic proportions" to ride a motorcycle. I helped him out by saying: He's just too fucking fat and WAYYY too short to ride a sportbike....

He seemed relieved that I said it.

On another note, a stupid ass, I mean co-worker of mine, absolutely REFUSES to eat Blue Corn ass.
Here he is, always trying to make the rest of us look stupid on a daily basis and this jackass is deathly afraid of a chip!!
We tried to tell him that they taste pretty much like yellow corn chips but he won't believe us..a grown ass man??!!!??

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