Thursday, February 01, 2007

Black Ice

There was a threat of an ice storm around here today. Since Belly lives out in the middle of fucking nowhere, he decided to stay home.

He was probably scared that his fat ass would slip on the ice and make a crater in his THAT would be funny.

Remember I told you he has like 4000 kids? Well he tried to sound all big and bad on the phone yesterday by threatening his son. I guess his kid was fucking up at school and the teacher called Belly. Belly then called his house and his daughter "The Informer" picked up and wheezed and babbled on and on like she does..he, as usual, had to tell her to calm down and put her brother on the phone.

Belly: Have you bumped your head?
Boy: (I'm guessing) Huh?
Belly: Do you want ME to?
Boy: Fuck you, Fat Boy (OK, I'm using "artistic license" now)
So I guess the boy then dropped the phone on the floor and "The Informer" picks and starts to babble as usual..
Belly: Wait, what happened to your brother?? Our conversation was NOT tell him to get back on the phone!!!! Huh?? You tell him: Wait till I get home!!!! (insert more babbling and wheezing here)
Belly: Uhhh, umm, OK..well, uh, I'll deal with him later...

He was extra was SO funny..I just snickered quietly in my cube.
He tries to make us believe that he's "in charge" in his house, but we know the truth.
Back when I allowed him to call my house (long story), he was in the process of moving and he was trying to "direct" the children to help was obvious that they couldn't have cared less..they were screaming and falling down the stairs and once listening to A THING he said...that included his wife, she seems to hate him(She had an Internet affair). I bet he moved that whole house by himself..pitiful

Isn't it sad when a man isn't even respected in his own house???


Orhan Kahn said...

Not really. Just as long as he has control of his bathroom, because if he doesn't have that then he has nothing. NOTHING!

And seriously, wtf. You allowed him to call you? Don't think you're getting away without explaining this admission to a possible love affair ;)

Linka72 said...'s what happened:
He offered to fix my computer when it crashed (he probably sent me a virus JUST so that would happen). I called him one day so he could walk me through reinstalling Windows and he got my number from the caller ID...dammit!! I should have blocke dit but I was distracted....anywhooo, he then took advantage of the situation and called me back..several much so that my boyfriend gave me "the look" one time and I never answered again...Oh. The. Horror.

Orhan Kahn said...

Oh, the horror indeed. You certenly dodged a bullet there.

Dayngr said...

I'd say ask my husband but he isn't allowed to talk right now.