Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hey Sexy

Have you ever just "noticed" that you were dating the hottest man on earth??

Like I said earlier, Me and TOH went to the gym on Saturday. He'd been drinking the night before so he was all whiny and irritable...but I wasn't falling for his bullshit this time though.
I added him on as a "family member" and had already paid for him 2 months in a damn row so I was basically forcing his ass to go.

When we got there it was almost time for my swim aerobics class to start and I hate to be late. I "had to" leave him at the front desk to wait to get his picture taken. I guess this is what it feels like to leave your kid on his first day of school...he looked a little pitiful but shit, I need to stop babying him right??

Anywhoo, while I was in class I saw him peeking at me from the men's locker room door..he looked like a Peeping Tom but I love him....the other ladies in class tried to make him join in but he played shy and went back in. I tried to explain to him that I'd seen other guys in the class but he swears that it's a "womanly thing"..whateva

After class I found him on the basketball court making shots..hmm pretty good for a slacker.
We went up to the weight room and I watched him messa around on the various machines then he started on the free weights...doing bench presses..all of a sudden a WAVE OF LUST came over me and a long list of filthy thoughts went through my mind....

What the hell was THAT about???

I guess after all that whining and complaining I was ready for him to be a stud again..weird.

But sadly, it didn't last long...the next day he was just about in tears because he was so sore..he even stayed out from work on Monday!! Can you hear me snapping my teeth in disgust???

Big Baby

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