Friday, January 19, 2007

Belly's Beard...A Theory....

I think Belly has Mange...I'm serious.

He was hovering over me yesterday and when I looked up at him, by accident of course, I was forced to witness the underside of his tangled mess of a beard.

It was all nappy and it looked like it hurt.
Here's a picture I found on the uncanny resemblance if you ask me..but you didn't. Me and my cubemates joked that maybe we should hold him down and shear him like a sheep.
He'd probably man-giggle himself to death.

How could a person neglect themselves like that?? Maybe I'm not used to it because I live with a "closet metro-sexual" that's named The Other Half (TOH)..I swear, I have LITERALLY fallen asleep waiting for him to get dressed.
When I point this out to him, He claims to not know what the hell I'm talking about..just like a man.
I guess I'm lucky to have a man that gives a shit about his appearance.


skinnylittleblonde said...

As a doglover & one who has 5 dogs, including one which closely resembles this mug shot...I gotta tell ya, they would all be offended if they knew you equated them to the Belly. I don't know if any one of them could eat 7 pieces of pizza, I'd say 5 is the limit!

Linka72 said...

Here's the kicker though....