Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2 Things You NEVER Want To Hear From Your Gyno....

Both said in the SAME visit by the way...

1. Wooo!! OUCH!! That looks like it hurts!! (P.S., A SECOND doctor then comes in and adds "So I hear you have a lump on your bump"..WTF is going on in THIS office??)

2. You have a nice, long vagina.

Okay, let's start with comment number 1. If any of you have had Folliculitis in you "nether regions", you can feel my pain..literally!

And on to comment number 2.....I guess I should take it as a compliment..I think.

I'm sure this "compliment" would only serve me well if I were doing a "Donkey Show" in Tijuana but um..Thanks???


lioux said...

I totally LOL'd at this!!!

Thanks for that.

Amanda said...

OMG, I almost died. Thanks for the laugh.