Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stupid MCI Neighborhood and Damn Earthlink

Well I don't have DSL service at home anymore. Stupid MCI Neighborhood discontinued their DSL service for a reason that they cannot explain.
They left me high and dry with no suggestions of other DSL companies..fuckers

So Woo HOO!! A mailer from Earthlink came that was spouting off all kinds of cheap phone and DSL service combined and I immediately signed up online.

I waited, each day becoming more and more excited about having the internet again....
and waited
and waited

Then I called them and asked them - WTF??? They said: "Your order was cancelled because you do not have phone service with the local "major" phone company"
I called back a couple of days later and they said...We''l give you DSL and phone service with us if you agree to change your phone number
I called the local phone monopoly and they wanted a $100 Deposit!!!! (fuck that)
I called Earthlink back the same day for yet another round of bullshit: "Your current phone service provider will not release your phone number, so we can't transfer your number"
SO damn WHATEVA!!!!!
I called my current phone service provider (MCI Neighborhood) only to hear: " We are NOT holding your number hostage, we have NO CLUE what you are talking about"

I swear to god...

So the moral of this story is:
Get dial up and suffer...oh wait! No dial-up for you Linka72...more phone line/phone number BULLSHIT!!!

I'm going to go drink extremely heavily right now.


Orhan Kahn said...

Don't you have wireless coverage in your area?

Linka72 said...

Nope Orhan..I looked
Dial Up is really going to suck

Orhan Kahn said...

I fell your pain. In Australia we have what you call 'capped ADSL/Broadband/Cable plnas'. This effectively means you have to buy an allowance (mine is 20GB per month). Once it is used up you're 'capped' to dial-up speeds.

Life sucks too much sometimes.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Hey Linka I live about an hour north of Atlanta & found on-line (after muuuuuchhhhh research) a company called ACN. They gave me phone service & DSL for 62 dollars a month. Apparently they can contract it through comcast cable, who ironically enough would not provide it to me directly. I think their web address was simply acn.com. They are based out of Ohio. Love the DSL & the price. Bellsouth, MCI, At&T can all kiss my a$$.

Linka72 said...

skinnylittleblonde - Oh my Jesus..I'm calling them RIGHT NOW..cross your fingers!!!