Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Who "Upgraded" You?

Me and The Other Half were watching videos yesterday and Beyonce's Upgrade U" the chorus goes:
Partner Let me upgrade you
Audemars Piguet you
Switch your neck ties to purple labels
Upgrade you I can (up), can I (up) Lemme upgrade you
Partner let me upgrade you Partner let me upgrade you
Flip a new page
Introduce you to some new things & Upgrade you
I can (up), Can I (up), let me Upgrade you
(partner let me upgrade you)

TOH admitted to me that he feels that I ugraded him. He said that he would probably still be stuck in a small town, working in a factory if he hadn't met me online...yay me!

I realized that I too had been upgraded by someone. We'll call her Beep. If I hadn't met her 20 eons ago, I'd probably be a welfare mother with at least 4 kids by now.

Before helping me out, She was upgraded by an older business man who showed her that there was more to life than what she was experiencing. Luckily we were both able to benefit from is guidance.

It amazes me how things happen in this thing we call life. Think back to a choice you made, what if you had made a different choice?

Where would you be now?


Orhan Kahn said...

I'm amazed noone has responded. I wish I could simply answer the question but I'm the only person who has ever consistently upgraded me. Sounds selfish but this is considering the horrendous life I've lived.

Riotgrrlwargasm said...

It is my firm beleif that anyone who's ever managed to "pick themselves up by their bootstraps" has only managed to do so if they have a pair of boots. To get anywhere in life, you need a hand up. Some people are lucky and are born into families where the hand up is simply a way of life and they take it for granted to the point where they believe they are entitled to every hand up that comes their way.

Not I. I was born to an unfortunate high school student who'd never even had sex. My conception was not so much immaculate as it was simply highly improbable--you can call it toeing the line I guess, which all teenagers do. Anyway, my sixteen year old mother was the daughter of a raging abusive alcoholic, the youngest of four, and their family's resources were sparse.

I grew up seeing my mom in and out of many relationships, four marriages, and having five more babies along the way with a total of four different men. I was given all the necessary tools to build myself a life of single motherhood in a trailer park.

But in high school, after dating a bunch of guys who already had rap sheets piled up an inch thick, I decided I wanted to date a nice boring type of guy for once, and I found one who took a chance on me, much to his parents' dismay.

He lived on the good side of town in a modest house, and was the son of a tenured college professor and registered nurse. For his parents, college wasn't negotiable--he was going and that was it. I, on the other hand had never even considered it--and, in fact, had just returned to regular day school after a stint working days and going to night school trying to get myself emancipated and out of my crazy house. Anyway, I wanted to impress his aloof parents so I got their help to show me how a person goes about getting themselves to college.

I bought a book about the ACT test and self-studied. I scored high enough on the test to get into a community college. I applied for student aid and was eligible for a shitload of loans, which I used to help pay my rent in tandem with my working part time. A year later my grades were good enough to transfer to the University.

But after going to school part time for three years, the boy and I broke up and I went back to my roots. I became a drunk and a big-time slut. I slept around with most of the ex-boyfriend's friends. I couldn't hold a job or pay my bills, so I made myself extra trampy-looking to get free drinks when I went out, which was like five times a week. After a couple years of that, I ended up working at a coffee shop with a real young girl who was in "the program" and convinced me to go to AA.

So now it's seven years later, I haven't drank since, I graduated college, I managed not to get pregnant (luck, not caution), and I married a sweet, gentle guy who is sometimes a boloney sandwich.

Whenever people try to give me credit for being a self-made woman despite my unfortunate circumstances, I just blow them off because I know that if I hadn't been driven to impress some high school boy's snooty parents, I highly doubt I would have pursued this life. But I sure am glad I did!!

Linka72 said...

Thanks for your comments Orhan and Riot..
I swear to god Riot, If you don't promise to write a book RIGHT NOW..I'll never speak to you again!!! hee hee
No really, you have a great voice..people need to hear it.

Riotgrrlwargasm said...


Something to consider...although I'm not sure I'd make any moey after paying off all the lawsuits my family would serve me for defamation of character!

colleen said...

I didn't get upgraded by anyone, but I've sure seen a lot of life by being a nerd, staying in school, and not going out of my way to try to get pregnant while I was doing that (believe me it was hard sometimes being responsible!)

I even lucked out and met my crazy hubby, who sat next to me in business law, first invited me to an "earthquake" party in 1990 when some wacko "scientist" predicted we'd have one here.

Well, ol' Iben's long dead (the aforementioned scientist), and we dated for just short of 10 years before we got married six years ago(had to make sure he was OK first).

It sure has been fun, even if I don't feel "upgraded". I still have the same friends from high school even some from grade school.

Some classics, like friends, are still the best!