Thursday, January 04, 2007

Well Look What The Cat Dragged In...

Ok, So I haven't posted in what?...seventeen centuries???

TOH must have wanted to get kicked in the nuts for the New Year...he was moody all day Sunday, his usual "man-period" must have been on. The clock struck Midnight and he was cordial enough I guess. We toasted and kissed then he went out on the balcony...weird, moody ass.

On a lighter note, the ghetto was off the chain and buckin' (shooting) as usual..I tried to stay in the hallway to avoid a serious head wound but TOH doesn't seem to be scared of shit!!
They fired off for at least two hours..damn, it's time to move away from here.

Shopping has seemed to make me feel better though...Dillard's was basically giving shit away, half off clearance WOO HOO!! I went to Torrid and bought this hat and this really cute hat ..Now where the hell am I going to wear a hat??? Oh well, I'll be cute in the mirror at home.

I did, however, manage to return enough shit from Christmas to get some gas/lunch money for the week. This vicious spending/returning cycle CAN'T be good for me.

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Orhan Kahn said...

Sounds like your NYE was in the Middle East.