Thursday, April 03, 2008

Too Damn Busy

Seems the "Call Center Gods" were angered by my last post and have decided to punish me by having the phones ring non-fucking-stop around here.

How dare you people call while I'm trying to blog??? Bastards.

If I try to blog here and my phone rings, I have to scramble to minimize the screen because as soon as I get a call, a program starts recording my screen AND my phone conversation..who thought of that dumb shit??? I should kill them.

I suppose you're asking: Well why don't you blog at home?

Because I'm addicted to online gaming sites like and I'm a nerd but I can't get enough of Polly Pet Detective and JoJo's Fashion Show..and don't forget Belle's Beauty Shop for god's sake!!!
(I would insert links here but you remember my hateful IT Dept don't you?)

*sigh*....I'm bored..and instead of boring you too, I'm going to make some crafty shit or something...

1 comment:

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Heaven forbid you should cut into your precious gaming time.

I totally get it. I'm a huge Sims 2 player but when I traveled for a living I couldn't play so I downloaded all kinds of little games from Yahoo Games and I love them.

Sally's Salon and Diner Dash in particular.