Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Oh Just Go To Hell Co-Worker Lady!!

My surly bitch co-worker called my cards "Hokey" the other day....umm..what?

Yep, she said that there were "too many flowers and shit" my front of other people.

Well bitch, in this office, HOKEY SELLS!! What a cow.

She did make me doubt my "crafty" talent a litttle though..urrrgh..I hate when I let bitches like that get to me.

Here are some more of my hokey ass cards for you to eyeball:

She asked me why this one had a "doo rag" on..just stupid


Anonymous said...

Hokey or Hokie? Mabey she saw these

Linka72 said...

Hmm..anon..maybe you are right..but the way she said it was like she smelled shit on the cards or something..Hokie..she IS from the Midwest..hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Maybe that bitch just needs a hobby! I think they are way cute!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Did you make those? I think they're really cool.


Shes an idiot...I think they are lovely.

makuahine said...

How rude! I think they're great! You should leave her one on her desk every week. One FULL of flowers. :P

Riotgrrl said...

Be glad you're not one of her children: "Mommy! Mommy! Lookit I made for you!"
"It looks cheap, you made too many scribbles."

Hmmmm, maybe that was HER childhood and now she just wants to squash your inspiration!

What an armpit-mouth! I decided that was a really apropos descriptor in this case, even if it isn't a real saying.

Kate said...

I love your cards and wish I had your skillz. I think your cow-irker is just jealous; if she's overly critical of everything (even when it's none of her biz), then that's the reason.