Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gone In 60 Seconds..Or Less..UPDATE!!!

Medusa!! I Fouuuund It! (Don't tell me I'm the only person who loves that movie..ok, maybe I am)

An officer (no, not tight shirt guy from before) called TOH Tuesday morning to let him know that the caddy had been recovered and that they wanted to give him his wallet back..woo hoo..I guess.

TOH met with the officer that evening..he lives near us. (yay?)

Seems that after the car was stolen by a "black guy with a doo rag" (witness statement) from the gas station in city A, it found it's way to city B, almost an hour away by the next morning.

Two 15 year old Hispanic boys were in it when the officer from city B attempted to pull them over after running the tag - guess what?? STOLEN.
He "gave them the blue lights" and they took off so he said he decided to just follow them for a while without the lights and siren but being 15 years old and all, they kept running. They turned on to a side road, lost control in some wet grass, hit a pole at a high rate of speed AND THE DRIVER WAS EJECTED...ewww, not good.

Mr. Jr. car thief is now in the hospital in critical condition and the passenger just got a scratch on his hand...stupid kids.
Cop guy says that he talked to the driver's mother and she said that he's basically a fuck-up who sits around and drinks and smokes all day.
I guess it didn't help that TOH had a huge bottle of Vodka, orange juice and cigars in the back seat when they stole the car....Woo Hoo Party To Go!!!

I let our insurance rep know what was going on but now she's saying that the impound lot won't release the car to them until WE show up with ID, proof of insurance AND registration..then after we do all that, it will just be towed to another salvage yard to sit until Progressive gets to look at it....are these fuckers kidding? So me and the husband will be taking an entire day off of work tomorrow to deal with all the bullshit.

What a hassle.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

So he left the car running with keys in (duh - I guess those things are mutually exclusive) and a written invitation in the form of a bottle of vodka, orange juice and cigars on the seat?

Honey, I would have stolen that car too.

I've never heard of nunya before, but plan to use it a lot the next time I talk to my mom.

Linka72 said...

Yes Lady, Nunya is one of my faves..I actually got slapped over it once by my mom..It surprised me that she knew what it meant..damn.