Friday, March 07, 2008

Those Bastards!!!

Well..I guess I won't be posting any more videos..or music playlists..or ANYTHING any more (from work at least).

On Wednesday, the mighty, all-knowing IT department where I work blocked pretty much every music site I like..*sigh*

Maybe you can go there are like them on my behalf...*sniffle*

Seniorplanet (what a strange name for a video site..and it's all French)
Deezer (I promise you, I am fucking HEARTBROKEN over that one)
Music Remedy

They also block websites that sell bathing suits....jees. I guess websites that show plus size girls in skirtinis is just soooo offensive.

Other dumb shit that is blocked:

Baby Phat

But someone in a high place must LOOOOVE Ebay because it is wide damn open..go figure

If they block Blogger I will slit my own throat....could I get any more dramatic??

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Suze said...

Ugh - freakin' IT people!!!