Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Meme: 6 Strange Things About Me

Well besides the "obvious"....

DixieChick tagged me for the 6 Quirks meme.

1. I can smell absolutely EVERYTHING...believe me, it's not a good thing. I swear, I can smell my neighbor through the floor.(Imagine what I'll be like when I get pregnant) TOH can NEVER smell the stuff I smell though...he thinks I'm weird.
My co-worker says that I'm probably smelling demons on certain people..umm. ok.

2. I like to hear elderly people's just funny to me

3. I can't step on cigarette butts..sidewalks, streets, floors...yeck. For some reason, I find them to be the most fucking disgusting things ever..besides:

4. Vomit...I can't stand it..If I so much as HEAR somebody vomiting, I'm ruined for the day.

5. I can't look at mold on skin is crawling as I type the word..mold...eeeewww. I've been known to throw away a perfectly good, expensive Corningware bowl because it contained "something moldy". Me and TOH argue at least once a week because I literally BEG him to throw all the old food out. (Speaking of weird, TOH has a "quirk" that compels him to smell the contents of every container of old food that he throws out...the first time I saw him do it, I almost fainted)

6. I have this strange fear that I'm going to drop my keys in a storm drain or grate..I'm completely freaked out every time I walk by the drain in front of our condo..I mean paralyzed with fear..and of course TOH ALWAYS parks next to it...bastard.

Honorable Mention Quirk

Ants...*dying right now*...When I was 5, I stepped on an ant hill..and those fuckers got me good.
Any time I see a swarm of ants, I nearly pee's almost like I can hear them taunting me....

Now the rules of this are to tag 3 other people..I'll try but you know I'm a slack ass so.....



That was fun..thanks for playing...and I am totally with you on the mold thing..yuck!

Anonymous said...

I did recently drop my work keys down a storm drain. It sucks!