Thursday, November 01, 2007

YAAAAAY Halloween...????

4 bags of candy totaling 145 pieces - $12 (Even though I had coupons)

Light-up "Boo" sign thingie - $6.00 (Woo Hoo for clearance racks)

Having EXACTLY 5 children show up to your door - Fucking Priceless

Ok so after I got home from my day of Halloween hell, I was SO excited to see all the cute little babies in their costumes, coming to the door, saying "Trick or Treat, ma'am"....yeah right
Like I said before, 5 kids knocked...2 of them looked like college freshmen..facial hair and all.
I joked with one of them about being too old and he hung his head in shame and blamed his little brother for "making" him come over...I gave him candy anyway...they got at least 25 pieces each...this neighborhood sucks, man.
I guess it's better than running out of candy and feeling bad for the poor babies.

Being hopeful, I kept my costume on until 9:30 pm..I know, I'm a dork

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