Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween...???

Have you ever dressed up for Halloween and everybody looks at you like you are stupid?

Today I came to work dressed in my BEST 50's era clothes (Cat eye sunglasses, FABULOUS stand up collar- cinched waist dress and big red flower pin, with red, patent leather, POINTY spectator pumps..etc) and while most people said I looked great, there were a few people (fuckin' haters) who gave me the "up AND down" look and said: "What are YOU supposed to be??"...uh,..wha??
One broad even walked up to me, gave me the look, then the question and when I half jokingly told her that my name for the day was "Bunny", her face screwed up and she said "Bunny!!???" like it smelled bad or something..what a bitch..get away from my desk, cow....

Then she had the NERVE to come back, hover around my cube and then say: "Hey..Why are you the ONLY one that dressed up???"...again, uh, wha? How do you answer a question like that??
Well bitch, it's probably because you stodgy asses around here's taht for an anser?

So now I'm sitting here all pissed off at myself for feeling like I'm trapped in my cube and for letting her make me feel bad.

Oh great, just now ANOTHER person came up and asked WHO I was supposed to be...*sigh*
Maybe I'll just tell them I'm the Black Lucille Ball..that should shut them the fuck up.


As of right now, I've been speculated to be:

(The Black) Marilyn Monroe
(The Black) Joan Crawford
(The Black) Bette Davis (I have a cute little martini glass as one of my props)
(The Black) Madonna
Coretta Scott King (Actually that was kind of an honor)
and my personal favorite...
(The Black) Minnie Mouse..wait, I think she's really black

Thankfully, the other departments around here actually participate in such "frivilousness". I just came back from the costume contest with included no less than 2..count 'em 2 groups of pregnant devil/mummies....

oh, isn't Halloween fun??


DeeJay said...

I'm proud of ya for dressing up and that when you saw you were the only one you didn't change so that you were dressed in normal work clothes. Losers always try to ruin it for those of us who didn't play along.

I picked up a pair of cat eye sunglasses at the Rt. 66 Museum and I love 'em. They make me feel like a sassy woman when I wear them.

Hope you post a pic of yourself from yesterday.

ellinghouse said...

ok, I've been reading your blog for a week or so, and I think you rock! You work with a bunch of haters for sure....