Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meat Hooks Might Get Killed This Week

Ok dude,

It's one thing to come over to my desk today and fondle my can opener like you had never seen one fucking dollar store can was red and shiny though....

But it's a whole 'nother thing to spread your weird shit to a different co-worker.

I sit next to a lady we'll call "Miss Thang Don't Play". Suffice it to say..this broad doesn't take shit..from anybody, and her cussing skills could make a trucker blush.

I love her....

Anywhoo, during the latest of Meat Hook's numerous walkabouts, he sauntered by Miss Thang Don't Play's desk and noticed something on her desk...I saw the gleam in his eye and you could almost feel his pulse quickening..yeck...he reached over the high wall of her cubicle, and PICKED UP HER NAIL POLISH!!!!

Why would he possibly need to touch her nail polish??? It's a good thing that she was on a call, because his ass would have been ripped to shreds otherwise...

After he had sufficiently fondled the bottle and noted the color (Pink Chiffon #12) he walked away. Her phone call ended and she looked over at me and said:

"What in the blue fuck is hiiiiiis problem????!!??"

All I could say was: " I told you so"

We spent the next hour laughing and gagging while we imagined him painting his crusty toenails tonight.


DeeJay said...

OMG that is so great! lol

You should plant something with some of that medical liquid bandage stuff so it will stick to him.

How fun would that be to watch?! lol

Added you to my blogroll.

PJ Lore said...

too bad there isn't something at a joke shop that would administer a little jolt when grabbed.....
i think leaving something aticky sounds fun too.

added you to my blog roll too :)

Heather said...

"Blue fuck!" That's too funny! Never heard that one before... have to add it to my cuss repertoire.

Yeah, I'm thinking a flaming bag of dog shit at the doorway to his cubicle ought to work. That or just a bag of the non-flaming variety sitting on his desk, minding its own business... until he picks it up!

qofd said...

Ok, so really? I might be tempted to pick up something shiny too. Just sayin'. ;)