Wednesday, October 24, 2007

That's Gonna Hurt In The Morning

Me and the husband went to the gym last night.
Since I'm scheduled off of work Sun-Wed, I prepared for this trip by festering on the sofa, watching soap operas and eating popcorn all day. (I am SUCH an athlete!!)

He came straight from work so I got there before him...well actually, I planned it that way so I could shop at Joann's without him knowing...I guess I made some sort of promise not to spend money this week or some shit...he drugged me I tell ya!!
I bought this really obnoxious light up Halloween thing that spells out BOO!..freaking hilarious and he would SO not approve of it...what?? it was on clearance!!(pictures later)

Anywhoooo, I was on the treadmill when he walked in..god, I love that man..except when I want to kill him in his sleep, but that's normal right??
I wanted to warn him about being completely out of shape and remind him of the last time those "younger guys kicked his ass" before he went to the basketball court but he probably would have said I was chastising him... blah blah fuckin' blah..
So I let him go...I could see him through a bay of windows behind the treadmills and he looked all sexy and stuff..he's no Michael Jordan but he made a few baskets, how yummy..however, a few minutes later he wandered back over to me at the treadmills, drenched in sweat, panting and begging for a sip of my Gatorade..the nice frosty one that I pre-froze earlier that day..that was all good and slushy in the middle.

Would it have been mean for me to deny him?? Mean yes, Funny?..Absolutely, but I let him have it. I'm such a giver..yeah, uh sure.

I looked down and realized that I had waled TWO DAMN MILES without even noticing it. I have NEVER walked two miles at one time..ever. Thanks O Magazine and the song Percolator by Cajmere for distracting me enough to get through it.

We then went to the weight room..cuz I guess that's just the natural progression or some shit.
Someone please explain why it's necessary to smell like ass crack and potted meat when you lift weights?? The smell in there alone motivated me enough to rush through the battery of exercises my personal trainer (aka my number yelling husband) forced me through..(3 sets of for??)
Speaking of personal trainers, I watched in fascinated horror as this poor woman worked out with hers on that evil stair stepper thing. HER FACE was actually pressed up against the display as if to say.."I. just. can't. go. on"..but the trainer just kept "encouraging" her. Poor thing

It was fun to spend time together though...we then went home and ate greasy rotisserie chicken with butter laden, super sodiumed rice and washed it all down with lots of cookies..we are SO healthy!!!

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