Thursday, October 18, 2007

Belly Might Be A Superhero...HA

Today while Meat Hooks was making his way over to touch my shit, Miss Thang Don't Play sent me a warning email that said:

put up what you don't want him touching!!!

Good thing my Outlook was minimized because as she pointed out from past experience: Belly likes to eyeball my screen

I'm not sure how in the fuck he can see really small text from that far away, Miss Thang theorized it was his thick ass glasses..I say he has a bionic eye

We spent the rest of the afternoon imagining Belly as a superhero again...Dum Da Da Dum!!! It's Captain Fat As Fuck!!

Able to inhale large buffet tables in a single bound.....
(I nearly pissed myself today over that one)

And let's not forget his trusty sidekick: FingerprintMan!!!
Like a stealthy hunting tracker, FingerprintMan can fondle your leather desk set and tell when your last bowel movement was.....texture and size too!!

Is it obvious that we have absolutely NOTHING to do around here???

1 comment:

DeeJay said...

Too funny! Put pepper juice on something on your desk and then when he rubs his eyes (or anything else) it will burn.