Friday, November 09, 2007

The End Of An Era..sniffle??

Wondering why I haven't posted anything since the 60's??

Well people, I have some bad news to break to you.....

Belly got a promotion will no longer be sitting next to me....

now, put that razor blade down...and come in off the ledge.

First of all I'm pissed that they gave him the job I wanted..assholes. And I'm also pissed that Annoying Old Song Guy (a.k.a Shorty) got one of the coveted positions too. Funny thing is, Shorty CONTINUALLY asks ME tech questions that he should be able to answer himself (being promoted and all)'s a bitch huh?

What ever will I blog about??? There's always the infamous Meat Hooks, I guess.
You should see his stupid ass..walking up and down the aisles of our dept, wishing everyone should see the looks on those poor people's faces..he's lingering far too long at each desk and he's making people uncomfortable....I think he's looking foraging for food like a grizzly bear.

Oh, how I'll miss Belly's fat stomach pressing up against my cubicle wall, and the tit staring, oh, what about the snot whistle and man-giggle?? He has recently added a deep wheezing/whooping cough sound to his laugh that I surely will NOT miss...

okay..really, this bastard needs to just GO AWAY!! Every time you think he's finally gone, the floor starts to shake and you realize that fat-ass is back in your cubicle..or he's "cleaning his cube"....I swear, he has cleaned that fucking thing 12 times today...oh great, now he's back to share some sushi..with A GUY...he's been over there for an hour...yeck..he just said that he would miss us..yeah, you'll miss my big I supposed to cry now or vomit??


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