Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Land-Lady Is Strange

Ok so in my last post I talked a little about the cluster-fuck situation that we're in now that we've moved to the new condo...

For the past two months we've had nearly boiling hot water coming out of the hot side of the faucets and we were happy. Last week however, I noticed that the water was not really hot anymore and that it was FREEZING cold in the condo...because I was some sort of handyman in a former life, I decide to look in the utility has a gas gauge on it..funny, so does the heater/furnace..wait, we were never told that there was a gas bill....yeah..the heffa never said a for two full months, we've been under the impression that everything was running on electric..nope

Since we have some "credit issues", none of the major gas companies would accept us..panic mode..finally I was able to get service through something called a regulated provider..basically someone who you have to bend over for..and like it.
We had to put down $150 as a deposit and pay $1.25 per therm...oh did I mention the $9.00 customer service fee??...yeah, happiness.

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