Sunday, June 01, 2008

I Heart Steve Perry..No, Really.. I Do..

That may sound strange coming from a black girl that was "technically" born in the ghetto but I just can't get enough of Steve Perry and Journey these days....

Open Arms?? My damn favorite!!

Open Arms - Journey

Faithfully?? Oh PUHLEEZE..That's my other damn favorite!!

Faithfully - Journey

Huh?? Oh Sherry you say?? Stop the madness..That's REALLY my favorite!!

Oh Sherry - SP

No but really...Foolish Heart kicks ALL their asses!! It reminds me of Paula Abdul's "boy toy" on American Idol though.

Foolish Heart - SP

Honorable mention:

Send Her My sad..

Send Her My Love - Journey

Now I know I'm probably going to get kicked in the teeth for my next statement but... that Arnel Pineda guy is pretty damn good!! *ducking* His hair is soooo damn pretty though!!



Girl..they ain't nothing wrong with any of those em' all.

Riotgrrl said...

Oh no.... ROTFLMFAO!!