Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Am One Boring Broad

Good Lord..I haven't blogged in like..26 years.

I've been in a shitty mood and the whole laziness thing happened and all...*ahem*

Seems that since Belly's sister is working in my dept. now, he has a reason to be over here again..SHIT!!

He looks like Hogsqueal from The SpiderWick Chronicles..ha

And he was eyeballin' me today. I should have spit at him...because after all, I AM the most lady-like bitch that you know.

I'm still not pregnant...*sigh* of course maybe it's all for the best. I couldn't imagine being more irritable than I am right now.

I've been gardening..well actually more like "patioing" since we have no yard...seems that hot, oppresive sun is not good for petunias. EVEN THOUGH the damn tag said full sun..they sure were pretty for that first day though..oh well.

I have blogger's block..can ya tell?

I promise, I'll have something meaningful to say..soon.

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