Friday, June 13, 2008

The Belly Spreads...

Belly's sister works with us now as a temp....OMG you should see's what I have observed in a few short days:

Belly told me that she'd already had the GB because she used to weigh about 500 pounds....I personally think that she should ask for a do-over because it looks like this one didn't "take".

I estimate her current weight to be around 473..but I could be wrong.

She wears her hair like a little girl: Square parted with a ponytail STICKING OUT THE TOP!! Imagine this..but on a large, grown-ass, black woman..equally as sad.

Poor thing has a low hanging pannus too..*lunch just came up a little*

Oh, and she wears fake hazel contacts ...who is she tryin' to fool?

On the good side, her skin is freakin' FLAWLESS and she's actually quite pretty.

I caught Belly looking at me longingly today..eww..I had half a mind to go over and stab him in the ribs with a steak knife but I figured that would get me fired.


Anonymous said...

And all this time I was picturing Belly as a white dude... Weird!

Anonymous said...

You are so ridiculously awesome. Don't ever change a thing about you!