Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Swear....

If just ONE MORE bad thing happens....

Ok, maybe I shouldn't anger the gods by saying that....

Yesterday after I made an appointment for a free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer, the thought of which is worse than fingernails across a chalkboard, my car decided that it did not want to start...because it is an asshole..and it hates me.

It's my birthday today..35 years old..I'll try to muster up some happiness since my co-workers are having a breakfast in my honor..I'm sure the Ghost Of Belly Past will smell his way over here and inhale all the donuts..since he got promoted he keeps hanging I need that today.
Let me try to paint a picture of his antics lately:
Let's say Belly's new desk is in..Rhode Island.
The exit door closest to his car is in...New York.
Where we sit is in ...Texas.
Instead of taking the quickest, easiest route, this jackass decides that a daily trip through Texas for shits and giggles..then he makes it extra special by walking around with this sad ass look on his face, souting some shit about how he "misses being over here".....go away already!!

Anyway..I guess I'll try jumper cables today at lunch..fucking great.

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AtYourCervix said...

I KNEW you were a soul sister!! Right hand to God - my birthday was the 20th also. I turned 34.