Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Meat Hook Chronicles

Today it my fucking keys!!!

He's been wandering around the department ALL fucking day today.

I accidentally made eye contact with him twice..(shit!!!) but he kept wandering so I was spared..temporarily, at least.

Just now, he walked by (for the 10th time) and said:

Meat Hooks: Daaaaaang Linka, that's a lot of keys
Me: Uh..huh?
Meat Hooks: Your keys..there's lot of them..woooo!
Me: (thinking) what the fuck is your issue EXACTLY??
Me: (out loud) Yeah, I guess..
Meat Hooks: God forbid somebody is chasing you and you need to get your car door open


Me: Yeah, good thing huh?..I know where all my keys are though

This is where he reaches out to touch them..yeck

Meat Hooks: Wow, you have lots of keys...(weird pause after fondling them)

Here's where I yank open my desk drawer and throw my keys in..slamming the drawer for good measure...he, as usual, skulked away

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Poor dude probably has OCD or something. But then again, thats not your fault.