Friday, September 14, 2007

How The Hell Do We Not Have A Broom??

I realized that we do not have a broom in our new place...but what pisses me off even more is that the fabulous, useful, really cool (and did I mention FABULOUS) broom holder thingie is also missing!!

I am crushed....

I am a lame ass....

I finally have money in my checking account today so I will buy a new one..of course you know the SECOND I buy a new one, install it and begin to love it..I'll find the old has a way of sucking ass like that.

I've made a lovely, long list of uneccessary bullshit that I swear I need from Target/Wal-Mart/Home Depot/Lowes/Local Sex Shop...ok maybe the last one is TMI but I have a habit of oversharing.

Sadly, the new place has some pretty questionable carpet stains near the doorway...and by the kitchen..and in front of the guest room..and in the guest room....
The landlady claims that she had the carpet "professionally cleaned", I seriously doubt that little tidbit.
I let her know that I'd be purchasing rugs until our lease was up and she said "oh"...uh, ok lady.

I'll do my best to not spend my entire check on bullshit(seeing as our rent in $43000 a month)..but it's just SO tempting.

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Jessie said...

$43,000 a month in rent? No wonder you dont have a broom.