Friday, January 16, 2009

Office Fridge Cleaning..For Dummies

I swear...some people need to go straight to Hell.

I just came back from "saving" a freezer full of perfectly good frozen dinners from being chucked in the garbage.

In my office, a team from each department is chosen to clean out the 2 refrigerators we have in the break room and every week, like clockwork some incredibly dumb shit happens.

For instance, one week, I brought my lunch and some surprisingly healthy snacks with me in my cute little Company logo-ed insulated lunch bag.

I saw the little "we're about to clean some shit" email but I figured that since my shit was in a lunch tote, it would be safe...Wanna know what I got for figuring??
One of those bitches opened my lunch tote and threw away ALL OF MY SHIT then threw my lunch tote on top of the refrigerator...what.the.fuck?? So me and my diabetic ass had the shakes for the rest of the evening until I scrounged up enough change to buy some $6000 crackers from the vending machine.

Then I wrote a strongly fucking worded email to the management team (who can barely "manage" to pick their own asses) and they wrote back some lame shit about "the rule" blah fuckin' blah.
Yeah, yeah, I know that the standing rule is that "If is is not labeled with your name, it gets thrown away"..I get that but does the term "common fucking sense" ever enter into these peoples minds??

Oh!! AND THEN one day, I bought these little ice cream cups for my team..brand new, expiration date NOT EVEN CLOSE..and those cows threw my shit out..again!!

These idiots even throw away salad dressing and condiments stored in the door compartments...huh?

I truly believe that these people have no other outlet for their hatefulness so they come to work and take it out on us....I once watched as someone threw away an absolutely beautiful crystal bowl because it had some fruit salad in it FROM THE DAY BEFORE!!

I need a vacation...

Next week I plan on stashing a big ole bag of shit (actual feces, thanks) in the back of the fridge and put one of their names on it..yeah, that should do the trick.

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makuahine said...

Oh, gosh, yes, what you need is a nice ripe thing of sour cream and maybe some Limburger cheese. Keep it to the ultimate point of ripeness, remove any packaging and place inside fridge in a losely sealed paper bag. Oooh better yet, head down to a local river or lake and pick up any dead fish you might find. Ewwwww