Friday, January 30, 2009

In These Uncertain Times...Oh Shut Up Already

Brace yourselves..I'm really into conspiracy theories...

I started a lovely argument at work today.

I simply stated that: IN MY OPINION, I feel that a lot of this "with the economy the way it is" and "in these uncertain times" bullshit is just that..bullshit.

I truly believe that the media is creating a fucking panic that is making everybody crazy.

People have been poor forever..why all of a sudden are they killing their whole families?..why are companies laying off huge numbers of employees?..does EVERYBODY really need a bailout?? What the hell??

I was then pelted with a barrage of statements to the effect of: "You wouldn't say that if it was affecting you..."

Uh..yeah, it has affected me.

1. There store where I serve my time work part time called to tell me that they probably won't be scheduling me more than 4 hours a month. Woo Hoo!
2. Yesterday, at my full time torture chamber job, I received what I'd like to call a "lower" instead of a raise. I got roughly HALF of what I got last year...yay!
3. Have you seen the price of 2 liter sodas these days for god's sake???

Believe me, I get it. Before I got my latest full time job, I was without steady work for almost 2 years and we had to apply for *GASP* State Assistance!! Yes, it sucked but we got through it.

But is all this happening because somebody simply said we were in a recession???

Every other minute, somebody on The Today Show is boo-hooing or making you nervous by telling you to horde food or posting "15 ways to make potted meat SPECTACULAR!!" recipes on their website....fucking ridiculous.

Just Calm Down. Everything will be ok. Stop killing your families.


Kim said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely well said....
my husband and I grew up poor....
and everyone we knew was poor
so we are at a loss for how people are falling apart over all of this....

Riotgrrl said...

OMG! I was saying the same thing to the hubby just the other day, that it's the same crap for us either way!