Monday, January 26, 2009

That's What I Get For Being A Cheap Bitch...

There I was thinking I was soooo smart by buying a $219.00 computer from Fry's "Outlet", as you can see is $20 fucking dollars cheaper right now..fuckers). I had gotten some horrible virus on my old (and I mean old) computer the week before and I was feeling rich.

I was all excited when I ordered it on Friday and even more excited when it showed up at my door on Monday..smiling, with a bottle of Apple Boone's Farm and a box of donuts (?)...anyway...I cracked open the packaging and commenced to getting it going...oooh, so pretty, so shiny, so VIRUS free..then I proceeded to drive to "My Bad" land during setup because I noticed that the keyboard wasn't working so I rebooted it...even though the instructions clearly stated that you should NOT shut it off during setup..ooops...whatever...

[insert 45 minutes of tech support help with a lovely guy named Srinivas in India here]

So for the rest of the afternoon it was "all guuud"..then it locked up while I was making some profile biggie, I'll just do a hard reset and keep on truckin'...

*cut to 7 days later*

The computer has locked up EIGHTEEN times since I opened the box...the hard drive makes a weird whizzing, burring, hissing, grinding sound then everything goes bat-shit crazy...Blue screens of death, hard disk errors and locusts...nice.

At one point I actually had to lean it at a weird angle and shake the shit out of it to get it work properly..yeah, I'm not kidding.

I've talked to HP tech support numerous times..wasting at least an hour of my time each day running bullshit tests to no avail..I told them that it was clearly a hard drive failure and they kept telling me "No way".

I tried to be patient since this is, after all, what I claim to do for a living (and I just hate when people call me at work and try to "run shit" during the call) but this morning I finally had enough and I demanded either they give me my money back or send me a replacement..right now..dammit.

Then they commenced to dicking me around for 4 days.

Then I threatened some sort of lawsuit or something, knowing full well that I didn't have money for that kind of shit.

Then they said they'd call me back. Um..what? Of course, they never did.

Then I called Fry' customer service and laid out the whole ordeal.

Then the lady put me on hold to check with her manager, came back, agreed that this was a load of shit and gave me an Return Authorization code and the assurance that I would get my money AND the return shipping cost refunded.

Fuck Yeah.

So after all is said and done, I'll only be out the $13.99 shipping I paid the first time around..a small price to pay..I guess.

Too bad I just got all into finding my former classmates and co-workers on Facebook...(it's blocked at the jackass asylum where I work..those bastards!)

I'll keep you posted on the search for my new computer..still under $400 though...because I'm still a cheap bitch..I'm sorry, it's what I do.


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Anonymous said... has really good deals normally but they also have these occasional 48 hour special sales where you can snag a computer for like less than 400
just get on their email list and they will give you a heads up when they are having a sale!!

(sorry, i don't normally advertise web sites.... but they just had a sale like that in january and then i saw this post...sorry i didn't see it sooner!)