Thursday, August 07, 2008

We Like Breaking Shit In The Breakroom

We have an ice machine/water dispenser in our breakroom at my "day" job.

Every few weeks we get a nasty email from the maintenance guys telling us not to wash grapes, salads, ass parts etc in the ice machine because "once again, it was clogged with grapes, salads, ass parts etc", "If this continues to happen, we WILL remove this machine!!"..blah blah b;ah

We usually try to figure out who the hell did it but it never quite pans out. We bitch and complain and ask for a proper sink but they claim that we don't have the plumbing for it or some shit..uh..what?

Well I guess they finally got tired of us and decided to put a "new" grate over the half ass one that came with the machine..take a gander at this bullshit....

Notice the signage overkill..nice touch huh?

Here's a close up of what we like to call:
1. Tetanus Shot Central
2. Lock Jaw Alley
3. What The Hell IS That Sharp Ass Thing Anyway?? edges and incredibly small drainage holes..what a nice job someone did with the "precision" cutting...seemingly on the back of their tailgate..while drunk...and high...yay for quality workmanship.

I'm really surprised that mold hasn't started to form on that metal thing...eww
My co-worker "Sista Don't Play That" suggested that we jam that sharp ass thing down the drain for shits and giggles...I swear, she has the best ideas sometimes.

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Heather said...

Have someone get some FX blood and have it dripping all down the front of it, like someone gashed their arm or something...That'll get 'em.