Sunday, August 03, 2008

I'm Getting Too Old For This Shit...

I just got back from what I like to call a "mandatory fun" store meeting for my part-time job.

And I could just die...

The tradition of these meetings is to feed us cold pizza and warm soda then force us to learn shit about an upcoming season or event that they feel is important.

The company/store I work at is going bat shit over the Olympics because a shitload of athletes are wearing their brand, therefore we must all go bat shit to "keep the brand alive"...whatever.

One of the clinics tonight involved trivia pertaining to our company's presence at the Olympics throughout the years..I fucking looove trivia...because I'm a smart ass know it all...don't hate....

We split off into teams.

I paid attention during the little presentation and answered the majority of the questions correctly..and got a "gold" medal..woo damn hoo..I love to win...I knew that there would be some pretty good prizes to win like free shoes and who the hell doesn't love free shoes??

After 4 more presentations in other parts of the store, I racked up a couple more medals and actually had a good time..until it came to the final little question and answer grouping where we went against the other teams....

The equipment/shoe tech expert asked a question that challenged you to answer two questions about the 1972 Olympics...Oh hell yeah, I got this...But for some reason, no one saw my hand go up..fuckers..and another team got to answer..shit..the very young, very cocky "team spokesperson" fucker got up and made a big deal out of going to get a re-release model of the shoe that was worn back then and tried to make a little skit out of the whole thing BUT THEN...He called the shoe by the wrong name and my whole team starts screaming at me to "STEAL!! damn it!!" so I did...

Me: oooh!! oooh!! ooooh!!
Me: The '72 Olympics were held in Munich and the shoe we debuted was the blahhty blah blah..
Very Young, Very Cocky Fucker: *pause* Well you were there, so I guess you would know

and the crowd went wild

I'm only 35 but they seem to think I'm 98 or something.

Have you ever heard 40 very young, very cocky fuckers laughing AT you and saying "oooo, that was coooold"...It didn't feel so good.

The shit part was that I didn't really hear what he said at first because I was too busy trying to prove my point..but when I looked over to the "management pit", you could tell they were all red in the face and looking embarrassed for me.

All I could do was say.."well..uh were wrong" and sit my dumb ass down..I tried to smile and laugh through it all while the equipment/shoe tech expert tried her best to move things along.

After working there for almost 5 years, I've heard a few comments from the young ones like one day when I was dancing (because that's what we do in there when we're bored) and one of the girls goes "Oh god, you are SO acting your age"....shook that one off...then earlier on in the meeting tonight, another girl said "No wonder you did so well in the history part..hahaha". She didn't finish her little joke but I know what that fat piglet meant.

All of those things were fine..well not fine but at least manageable since they weren't said in front of EVERY FUCKING BODY!!....*sigh*

Part of me feels stupid for trying to smile while I held back tears (my hands were actually shaking) and I'm so mad at myself for not saying or doing anything because normally, I wouldn't stand for that type of shit ESPECIALLY from the likes of him.

The sad part is that the way he said it was actually kind of funny and I would have laughed if it WASN'T DIRECTED AT ME!!

Oh, and it didn't help that for the pot luck portion of things I brought home-made pesto, tomato bruschetta and olive tapenade (ok I got the last thing from Whole Foods but since it was in my home for a few's homemade to me).

As soon as I set it all out on my fabulous serving paraphernalia, one of those young bastards yells out: "Whuuut is dat?? Caviar??

Yeah, jackass..all of it was caviar...and I produced it from my old lady egg sacs.

*double sigh*


Young1 said...

My sides are seriously splitting at the fact of how much of a fucking arse wipe that cocky bastard is!

Unfortunately we always think about what we shoulda/woulda/coulda said but it doesn't help the fact that we sink into our chairs and let these arseholes get to us but just think of it like this - one day that arsemunch will have something even worse said to him that will make everyone crease over laughing and make you feel 10 million times better as it will most probably come out of your mouth.

Never look for the opportunity though because it will never come and you will probably fuck it up but it WILL come to you!


p.s. i will be back for more!

Heather said...

Eh. What a prick. He'll get his in the end. Karma always prevails. I know that doesn't make you feel better now...

I do understand. In most of my classes, I am the old lady. These young girls are all, "OMG, I am so tired! I had to get up at 11 am this morning..." I usually want to smack them.