Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Heart Boys

God I feel like I'm in junior high...

I have a work-crush on a boy in the office ..and I say "boy" because I'm sure he's AT LEAST 10 years younger than me.

Don't worry, I've already told TOH and he says he cool with me having a boyfriend just as long as he pays some of the bills and takes the trash out from time to time...(He claimed that he was joking but I'm not quite convinced).

The guy, (let's call him "PB" for pretty boy) is just, pretty damn it.

He wears cool shirts and even cooler jeans with the right amount of bagginess and pretty shit on the back pockets...OMG, the other day he wore a sweater that was tight in all the right places and just a touch see-thru..not that I noticed or anything...AHEM...

He had this really long hair that he wore in two big cornrows (or plaits as my mom would call them) that I secretly wanted to put in little ponytails with barrettes on the ends but then one day he came to work with a fade (minus that stupid zig zag part)..I was disappointed because now his head looked like a skeeball..oh well, he was still cute.

Yes, I'm fully aware that he reads as VERY gay...I prefer to see him as a big ole' metrosexual for the time being thankyouveryfuckingmuch.

I find myself looking at him from across the cubicle farm during the day..and he's caught my dumb ass looking a couple of times..I just smile and act like I was looking at the the clock or something..He's probably horrified that this "old" chick is eyeballing him and I'm sure he thinks I'm stalking him......but I'd never pursue it..

Anyway, who wants to train yet ANOTHER man in the "ways of the Linka"??

I just don't have that kind of time...

Oh, and just because shit like this makes me laugh...I present to NEXT husband!! HAHAHAHA

Sad, SO sad....

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