Friday, May 30, 2008

Poor Thing

I just talked to TOH and he's not happy.

Seems that the job that he was a "shoo-in" for rejected him because he failed the assessment..WTF??? Now he can't retest for another 6 months...double WTF?? And then they wouldn't tell him exactly what he failed on..yes, you guessed it, triple WTF??
And why the hell would they even need a damn assessment anyway??
(Not that I'm poo-pooing his job but it's not exactly rocket science.)

I asked him what was on the test and, just like a man, he said "some common sense bullshit", ok.

He REALLY wanted this job because it was close to our house and it paid wayyy better and he has 5 years of experience doing that type of work.
We got all worked up into a froth over it and now life sucks.

I hate rejection and since I'm so protective of TOH, I want to go down there and kick someone's ass.

Don't mess with my baaaaby!

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