Thursday, July 26, 2007

Boys Are Stupid

As many of you know, I have 47 jobs...and strangely, no money to show for it.

Anyway, one of my part time jobs is at a big name athletic shoe store in the "fru fru" mall in the "fru fru" area of town.

It goes without saying (then why am I saying it?) that I see famous people all the time when I work there. Most of them are pretty nice..some are assholes though.

It seems that they expect you to "bow down" to them or something..whatever bitches.

Well on Tuesday, Kanye West came in to shop...people lost their fucking minds I tell ya.

When he came in, his back was to me but I'll admit, I was maybe a little excited when he finally turned around and I realized it was really him.

Funny thing is: HE WAS REALLY SMALL

I mean a little kid...I was tempted to pick him up and breast feed him. I promise, he was so cute, I could have dunked him in my coffee.

Meanwhile, some of the guys were breaking their necks to get up to the sales floor and gawk at him. I rang up all his stuff and he actually walked away to buy more stuff AND LEFT ME WITH HIS BLACK, TITANIUM AMEX he crazy or what? Since I've been working there, I noticed that a lot of rich people tend to do this...I guess they figure you can't get too far with their card...

When he came back after piling more stuff on the counter, he actually had the nerve to say:

"Wow that got up there quick didn't it?".....he was actually worried about the money....I guess that's how you stay rich. I made a comment about "it's just money" and he laughed and agreed.

As he was trying to leave, two of my very young, very silly co-workers blocked his way..trying to shake his hand and chat....poor Kanye, he made the mistake of actually being nice to them...they acted like 14 year old of them even whipped out his Kanye West fan club card (cheeeeeseball!!!) so emabarrassing.

After he left, one of them was so flustered, he actually ran to the back..nearly in tears...

Boys are stupid


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