Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Chronicles Of Belly...some more

I had yet another "over the shoulder moment" with that fool Belly.

A fellow blogger - AtYourCervix gave me a really cool shout out the other day. I was, as usual, minding my own damn business reading some of her other posts when suddenly I hear a muffled smacking noise behind me...Mr. Greedy was eating some sort of nasty morsel (as usual) and was also READING EVERY THING ON MY SCREEN OUT LOUD!!!!...asshole

Belly: 2 Epidurals???? wow..did she even know her name?? ahahahahahahha
Me: (thinking) shut up assface
Belly: (all loud and shit) AT YOUR CERVIX??!!! That sure is a funny name!!!..*smack, nosh, gurgle, mouth-fart, smack* hahahahahah

I was so fucking livid, I couldn't fix my mouth to say anything..I grunted a little a slammed my mouse on the desk while I minimized my screen..he caught the hint and sat his fat ass down.

Then as if he couldn't get any weirder....

We had a team meeting and each month we have this thing called "Team Talk". Well during team talk we go around the room and say one positive thing that's going on in our lives or careers....supposed. to. be. positive

Belly decides that this would be a WONDERFUL time to get us to pity him.
Belly: Well I've got good news and bad news....I'm going through a separation right now and my kids have moved away with their mother and relatives. But on a good note, my commute is waaaay shorter because I moved closer to work.

The entire group just sat there in shocked silence..eventually somebody said "aww, that's uh terrible" and he just sat there looking all goofy. I don't think he has any friends to talk to so now we have to be his life coach.

My supervisor had to finally move on...poor thing had to say "Well does anyone else have anything positive to say??"

Talk about awkward moments...

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AtYourCervix said...

::snort::: Oh great, belly loves my name. Now my day is complete.