Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is EVERYTHING About Food With Him????

Homer Simpson has invaded my workplace.

Somehow the cube-farm discussion turned to the Giant Squid problem in Monterey Bay.
(We obviously don't have SHIT to talk about)

Well somebody made the mistake of saying:

"It says it's up to 7 feet long, and weighs around 100 pounds"

Belly - of course says (with his eyes all dreamy and shit):

"MMMMM, calamari...."

Nope, he wasn't done yet

"Yeahhhh, get the tartar sauce and lemons ready..mmmm"

We all just sat there, embarrassed for him...after a few uncomfortable sniggles, everybody turned back towards their computers.

He (again, of course) laughed like he had just told the funniest joke ever...cornball ass, we all knew he was really serious..

I bet he cooks up about 65 pounds of it for dinner tonight....yeck

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