Saturday, June 30, 2007



First of all he calls my cell phone this morning at 7:30 damn AM and says:

Belly: Hey, Are you at work yet?

Me: Huh?? What??

Belly: Oh, I thought you guys logged on at 8

Me: No, we log on at 9..I'm still asleep kinda

Belly: Ha ha ha heee hee (??) I wanted to drop off your wedding present, cuz I'll be out of town all week

Me: Oh..uhhh, you don't have to do that...

Belly: No big deal, I'm about 45 minutes away ok???? Ok Bye!!!

Me: what the fuck??

So I get to work and there's this big box in my chair...what the....

Uh..I'm not sure what the hell to say..I guess TOH will like it.....
My co-worker said that since Belly is going through a divorce, something in his warped mind thought that this would be a WONDERFUL wedding gift....then she said that maybe the fucker is just nutso.
I'm leaning towards the second explanation.

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